Scheherazade (Cunning Mix) - Produced by Nackt

by Richie Cunning

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I wrote and recorded the lyrics to this song for my friend Johnny Igaz who was lost in the Ghost Ship fire. But I didn’t produce it, he did. We had talked for years and years about making music together, but it never really materialized. So here I am, doing what I can with what he left behind. The instrumental track that I worked with is from his most recent release of the same title and it struck a chord with me the first time I heard it. So what better way to pay tribute than by talking over the music and totally ruining it, right? Freakin rappers. Anyway, Johnny was a truly special guy who had nothing but love and art to share with the world ever since I first met him in high school. Obviously, I wish we were finally collaborating under different circumstances, but here we are nonetheless. If you like it, please share it with someone and by all means, dig deeper into Johnny’s catalog ( ). True artists are never really gone as long as what they created while they were here is still reaching people. So please play it unnecessarily loud. Happy belated birthday, Johnny. We love you always.

P.S. This song is free to download but if you would like to show more support, please donate directly to the memorial fund for Johnny’s family using the link below.


The good times in your life are like a classic album
Something we can always play again
Late sun beamin through them tiny hallways
Just a bunch of kids that didn't want the day to end
Even then you had more music in your pinky finger
Than anybody could ever hold in both hands
I hope you don't mind me tellin stories bout ya
Over here soundin like a old man
I always knew you had your own troubles
I think you always knew I did too
Sometimes we get lucky enough to shed a couple
But most of em we gotta live through
Let the song play til the last chord
And hope we ain't tapdancin on a trapdoor
I guess it's never fair is it
The world took you away while you were just tryna share with it
We said it hella times, let's make a track together
but we never managed to make it happen
Thats on me with my flakin ass
And I've never been more ashamed of the fact that I hate collabin
So here it is homie, Johnny and Richie on the same song
Tell everybody back at school that we came strong
Tell everybody who wanna get on the hype that
As long as I got a mic, swear on my life, you ain't gone
They sleep, we live
I know you wild, but I wish you nothin but peace, kid
Always respected your artistry, so pardon me
I just borrowed your melody cause I thought that the beat fit
I hope you don't listen to this and wish I kept my mouth shut
Hope you don't think I messed your sound up
Thank you for just bein around us
And for leavin us all a little better than you found us


released December 30, 2016
Produced by Nackt (Johnny Igaz)



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Richie Cunning San Francisco

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